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Mine cart

Cart used for the carriage of ores from the mining gallery to the place where it would be processed.

Loader of the Ores

Loader mine minerals.

This loader was used to fill up the mine carts with ores.

Lavrio Mines

The first industrial site in Greece and for many decades an important financial resource.

Minerals - Stones - Rocks



You can visit a private collection of the mining history of Lavrio in Ag. Konstantino (Kamariza), Municipality of Lavreotiki.

People have been able to visit this private collection since 2014. It has been set up with a lot of love and care for the mining history of Lavrio in which our forefathers have played an integral role either as workers in the mines or by participating in the workers unions and protesting along the miners for a better quality of life, better working conditions etc.

The collection of these rare exhibits has been an ongoing process since 1992. Some of them were bought from thrift shops or from small private collections or obtained by exchanges.

The building where this collection can be found is not of any historical importance but the exhibits are displayed in special lit cases depending on there size which show in the best possible way the elaborate and important equipment the miners used from 1864 to 1970. There you can also find a collection of rare minerals, all from the Lavreotiki area.

This private collection includes exhibits of the history of the mines in Lavrio. It is the only and largest private collection of the area which exhibits in one private space a big part of our town’s mining history.

The collection includes a large number of rare and unique minerals from the Lavreotiki area as well as objects and equipment that were used by miners during the mining and the processing of the ores, most of them as old as the French Mining Company itself. (1864).

The exhibits include: different types of oil or acetylene lamps which were used by the miners to shed light in the mines. Different types of drills and explosives which were used inside the mines together with the special equipment the miners used to big deeper into earth and to keep the mining gallery secure and open such as digging equipment, ores carts, maps of the area, of Lavreotiki as well as maps of the mining galleries. Parts of the mining shaft, equipment used by the surveyor, files from the chemist department of the French Mining Company together with notes of the measurements and the finds they made. Books of great historical importance, lead bars, litharge. Various types of ores, photographs and many more.

Through the microscope lenses, people of all ages have the opportunity to discover the enchanting world of the ores of the Lavreotiki area and its mines only a few Km outside of Athens. From the age of 5 and over, visitors can take part in activities such as the processing of the ores (4 x4 cm.) etc. while the gift shop offers you the opportunity to start an ores collection or to add more pieces to one's collection.

Don’t miss the chance to visit us and discover through our collection the mining history of Lavrio, a small seaside town but of great mining and geological importance to scientists, geologists, collectors and people worldwide. Admission is free but you have to book your visit in advance.      


Minerals - Stones - Rocks

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